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As a Buyer, you can set up Vendor Types in your Vendors Dashboard, that create different documentation/registration requirements for your Vendors. You are also able to create Vendor Documents and Custom Fields that you can then associate with the Vendor Types you have created. This allows you to create a highly customizable registration experience for your Vendors, in which you get every piece of information you need before accepting Vendor submissions. 

To begin, let's create a Vendor Type. First, head to your Vendors Dashboard on your portal, and open up the Registration Settings tab. In here, you will see a Vendor Types tab which houses all of the Vendor types that you have created.

To begin adding Vendor types, click on Add a Vendor Type.


This window will open up, and in here you can add a title for the Vendor Type, as well as a short description and click Add. 


You can Edit or Delete the Vendor Types you have created by going into their corresponding Action tabs here:Vendors.png

Now we are going to move on to creating Vendor Documents that you can associate with the Vendor types you have just created! Adding Vendor Documents allow you to ask Vendors to upload certain documents before they can create a submission and participate in an opportunity, (for example, a Labour Law Certificate).

You will find the Vendor Documents tab in the Registrations Settings Section on your Vendor Dashboard. To begin adding Vendor documents, click on Add a Vendor Document.


This window will open up where you can input a title for the document slot as well as a description. Under the Vendor Types heading, tag the Vendor type that you would like to have associated with this document (in this case, since it is a Construction certification, we will tag the Construction Type we just created). Finally, select the file type for the document, as well as if it is required, active and if it expires. Click Add! 


Finally, you can create Custom Fields that you can associate with your Vendor Types. Custom Fields allow you to ask for additional information from Vendors that must be provided before a Vendor can create a submission.


You will similarly find the Custom Fields tab in the Registration Settings section of your Vendor Dashboard. And to begin adding custom fields, navigate to the Add a Custom Field button.


Clicking on that will bring up this window where you can type in your Field Name.

You have options in regard to how your Vendors can answer this custom field. If you would like Vendors to choose from a drop-down menu of answers, check off Allow Multiple Options and type in the options you wish to have in the menu, separated by a comma. If you would like Vendors to type in an answer, leave the Options heading blank and check no under Allow Multiple Options.

Again, under the Vendor Types heading, you can tag the Custom Field to the Vendor type you wish it to be associated with. 


That's all it takes to set up your Custom Registration Settings on Bonfire! For an overview of your Vendors experience filling in your custom registration, navigate to our article on Vendor Registration here

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