Commodity Codes

Commodity Codes allow the Buyer to tag a project or a contract with a Commodity Code. On the Vendor side, the feature allows the vendor to associate themselves with a Commodity Code and to receive automatic notifications as relevant projects are posted

For Buyers

An Internal Vendor is one which was created via an Internal Submission (a submission created by the Buyer). An Internal Vendor's Commodity Codes can be modified by the Buyer under the Vendors section:


Put the internal Vendor into context by selecting the expand/view details icon as shown below:


Once the Internal Vendor is in context, simply scroll down and click on the Commodity Codes section. From here you can search Commodity Codes by code or by keyword. Click the corresponding + icon to add a particular code to the Vendor's profile:


You can also assign Commodity Codes to a project. Any vendors that have matching commodity codes will receive an automated email listing all recommended projects. Note that a Vendor only matches with a Project if the Commodity Codes are an exact match OR if the Project's Commodity Codes are at a higher level (less specificity) than the Vendor's Commodity Codes

Under the Project Details page scroll down to the Commodity Codes section and click the Show icon as per below (this will bring up the same Commodity Codes interface shown on the previous screenshot):


Commodity Codes will appear as a list on the Project Details page. If you hover over a code, a description of the code will be provided.


 For Vendors

Service Regions

Service Regions are selected in Step 1 of the Vendor Registration process or under Vendor Record - Commodity Codes in the Settings section once logged in. By default, the platform will select all Service Regions in your Country. You can narrow your selection by clicking on Select Specific Regions link. You may select multiple regions. 


Commodity Codes

Vendors can add Commodity codes in the second last step of the initial Vendor Registration process or under Vendor Record - Commodity Code in the Settings section once logged in. Commodity Codes and Service Regions are optional features. 

You can delete currently selected codes and add more as desired. You can locate codes via a keyword search or by typing in the code itself. 


For more on Commodity Codes from a Vendor's view, see Adding and Deleting Commodity Codes.

Vendors who have not yet added Commodity Codes to their profile will be reminded every time they login via a light blue banner located on their Procurement Portal:



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