Opportunity Q&A

The Opportunity Q&A feature allows you to setup a defined period of time to directly message your Vendors and vice versa. The feature is enabled at the Portal level (i.e. once turned ON it will be applicable to ALL projects).

Vendors are able to ask questions and you're able to respond or initiate new conversations from the Messages section of the project dashboard.

Vendors are not able to see messages to and or from other vendors. Buyers will be notified of new vendor messages via email.

Strictly only Department Managers and Org Admins will be able to view the Q&A section. Reviewers/Advisors/Observers are not able to view the Q&A.

All Opportunity Q&As will have a Questions Due Date visible under the Schedule section:


The Questions Due Date can be edited under Schedule -> Manage Button. The Edit Schedule window will have a section for the Questions Due Date which you can modify. The Questions Due Date MUST be equal to or before the Close Date:



The Opportunity Q&A can be viewed under the Messages section. The numerical value in blue brackets (0) behind the Messages title indicates the number of messages that still require an action (i.e. messages that you haven't responded to yet).

You can only start new conversations with Vendors who have interacted with the opportunity (eg. they downloaded a document or prepared a submission).

In the sample screenshot below we have 3 Vendors that have submitted 4 questions that still require action (need a response):


Opportunity Q&A emails are automatically queued and sent once every half-hour (30 minutes).

Once the Questions Due Date has passed, Buyers can still send messages out, however, Vendors will NOT be able to send any further questions. 

The Q&A report can be downloaded in the Reports section. More on exporting reports here.


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