How do I confirm my account?

Confirming your account allows us to verify that you have access to the email that is registered on file, thereby adding an extra layer of security.

For vendors bidding on Invite-Only projects, confirming your account is a requirement, however, for all other users, it is optional.

To confirm your account click the Settings tab after logging in. You should see a large orange banner at the top. Click the Complete Registration button to go back to the Registration page.


Now that you are on the Registration page, click on the Send Account Confirmation Email button as shown. You will see an orange confirmation message at the bottom of the screen confirming your action. 


Check your email inbox. You will receive a Confirm Account email that looks similar to the screenshot below. This email expires in 12 hours after it has been sent. If you do not see it for several minutes please try checking your spam folder to ensure it did not get filtered out of your inbox.

If the 12 hours has passed, you will be required to re-trigger the email. Please note that Bonfire Support cannot trigger the email on your behalf. For security, the email must be triggered by the end-user.


Simply click the Confirm Account button and that's it! You've successfully confirmed your account and email. 

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