Contract Settings - Custom Contract Fields and Contract Types

Contract Settings are accessible under the Contracts section at the very bottom of the Contracts Dashboard. These settings are strictly only accessible by the Organization Admin:


When you expand the Settings you will see 2 sections:


Contract Types

You can now create your own Contract Types as an Organization Admin.

Users can assign Custom Contract Fields to either be applicable to all contracts or only specific Contract Types.

For example you could create an "IT / Software" Contract Type then add a custom Field "No. of Seats" on it. Now when a user creates a Contract they will only need to fill in the No. of Seats when it's an "IT / Software" contract.


Custom Contract Fields

  • Allows you to add your own Fields to a Contract beyond the default attributes in Bonfire
  • If you assign a Custom Field to a Contract Type, it will only appear when creating a Contract of that specific Contract Type, otherwise it'll appear for all contracts.
  • Value Types to choose from (these attributes enforce validation when the user enter values on the contract): 
  1. Number
  2. Short Text: A single line of text
  3. Long Text: Multi-line text
  4. Date
  5. URL
  6. Options (dropdown list)
  7. Automatic Increment: Increments a certain value with the creation of each new contract


Let's take a closer look at the Manage Contract Fields modal.

In the example below there are 4 custom Contract Fields that have been defined (# of Licenses, DBE Status etc...). End/Start date as well as value are all default fields.

To create a new contract field, fill out the lower half of the modal under the Create Contract Field section: 

The Adjustable column allows you to toggle whether a field may be changed or modified at a later date. You'll notice that by default, "Start/End Date" as well as the contract "Value" are all adjustable fields (and this cannot be changed).

An adjustable contract field can be changed through contract terms or change orders (more on that here).

If a field is not adjustable, then it is an attribute of the contract which can then be edited in the Edit Contract window. 

If you have any further questions please reach out to us at:


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