Vendor Management - Custom Registration Fields

Organizations can now define Custom Registration Fields that Vendors are required to fill out upon creating their Vendor Account.

Vendors can also update these values from the “settings” page. 

To start, select the Vendors tab from the top:


 Click on the Vendors Registration Field and select "Add a Vendor Registration Field"


These custom attributes can be defined where the vendor has to pick an item from a list of pre-defined options (dropdown list) OR they can type text into a text field.


In the example below we have defined 2 registration Fields already DBE Status and Website.

DBE Status has a dropdown list with 2 answers (Yes/No), meanwhile Website options field was left blank thereby allowing the vendor to type whatever text they desire into the textbox.

As shown below we are in the process of creating a Registration Field titled "Type" which has 6 different dropdown options:




Let's take a look at what a Vendor will now see. Once the vendor has created their account they will be taken to the settings tab, before the vendor can create their submission they will need to fill in the custom required Vendor Registration Field.



Let's take a close look at the TYPE dropdown we defined. Clicking on it should populate the 6 selectable items we defined earlier:


Pictured below is an example of a Vendor filling out the Registration Fields complete with our Custom Registration Fields:

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