Calculated BidTable Columns

You are now able to edit the Total Cost formula and customize it to your liking by creating Calculated Columns. 

If you're looking to create a brand new BidTable, click here.

If you have an existing BidTable already created, go to the BidTables section and click Actions → Edit to open and view it.

If you don't see the Edit option, you may have already mapped your BidTable as an item of Requested Information (more on that in this article "I can't edit my BidTable after creating it").

With this example we'll add a discount component to our existing formula.

In the BidTable edit screen click Add Column and select Vendor Column:

We're going to create a new Vendor column called "Discount" and assign it a Currency format:

Now we're ready to customize our calculated column. Under the Total Cost column you would click on the Edit icon: 

This will cause the Edit Calculated Column window to pop up. From here let's observe the default formula for total cost. Note under the Formula Builder section we can now modify and change the formula to our liking:

The blue tags that define each vendor/purchaser columns are clickable and can be used to add values into your formula.

NOTE: the formula builder uses standard BEDMAS operations. If you input any invalid characters you will see "Invalid formula" under the Preview header. 

Next we are going to modify the formula under Formula Builder by adding the minus "-" and clicking on . Once we've modified our formula, it should appear as follows:

On the lower half of the window there is an Example section where you are able to test out your new Calculated Column with its custom formula:

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