Vendor Management Lists

You can now create Vendor Lists from the vendor page as well as directly from a project. Lists can be used to keep track of your prequalified vendors, and then used to invite vendors to submit to future projects.

The first step is to put the Vendors section into context (click on Vendors across the top):

You can manage and create your lists under the Vendor Lists section. Click on the Create a Vendor List button to get started:

For this example we will create a Vendor List called "Prequalified Mechanical Contractors":

You will see an overview of all Vendors that have submitted to your organization under the Vendor Records section.

In the example below we've selected 3 different vendors which we wish to include in our new list.

Click on the Actions button and select Add Vendors to List:

From here we select the Prequalified Mechanical Contractors under the Vendor List dropdown: 

Now if we wish to invite vendors from this custom list we just created, we can do so in a pending project.

In the Submissions section under the Invites tab click on the Invite Vendors button.

The Invite Vendors window pops up. From here under the Select a Vendor List dropdown we can select any custom Vendor lists we have saved.

In this example we would select our "Prequalified Mechanical Contractors" list to auto populate the contact information for all those associated Vendors.

If you have any further questions please reach out to us at:

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