How do I fill out a BidTable template (Vendor point-of-view)?

Once you are logged in under the Project Listing you should see a Download button (under the Requested Information section) allowing you to download a copy of the BidTable template:


Once you open the template you will notice that the Excel spreadsheet will contain 3 different tabs/sheets:

  1. Instructions
  2. Primary Responses
  3. Additional Responses

Under the Instructions sheet, fill out your contact information as shown below. Please read the Instructions carefully before proceeding.


Under the Primary Responses tab/sheet you will fill in your answers under the columns that are the darker shade of blue (signifying Vendor columns). You CANNOT leave any of these Vendor cells blank. The only time you leave these blank is if you've selected No Bid under the first dropdown. Otherwise if a required Vendor cell is left blank it will give you an error when attempting to upload.

The very last column "Total Price" is automatically tabulated based on what you input for your "Quantity Provided" and "Unit Price".

All other cells besides those that the Vendor is supposed to fill out will be locked from editing.


The very first column is a dropdown allowing you to select Bid or No Bid. If you choose to Bid on a particular item, dropdown and select Bid. It is IMPORTANT that you leave all vendor columns blank if you're not bidding on a particular item:


If you fill out values in a No Bid row you will encounter an error message when attempting to upload your BidTable.

If you enter a number into a text field or vice versa, you will see a very distinct orange warning indicating that you have entered in "Bad Values!!".

In the example below we have entered text in the "Quantity Provided" column which is meant to accept a numeric value only.



The 3rd tab/sheet is where you would add Additional responses (if applicable).

Notice here that the first column "#" is now coloured a darker shade of blue (indicating a column you can input/fill out). 

When you type in the item # (it is VERY important it is typed in exactly as how it appears under the Primary Responses tab), it will auto-populate the Item Name, Quantity Required and Packaging fields for you.

In the screenshot below, we have set it up to add 2 Alternate Responses for item "#0-1" and one Additional Response for "#0-2".

We simply just need to fill out the Vendor columns (Brand, Quantity Provided, Unit Price) for each Additional response.




If you have any further questions please reach out to us at:


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