Public Award Notices & Public Archives (Past Public Opportunities)

Award Notice


Once your project is marked as completed you will see a prompt reminding you to Award a vendor:


To award a Vendor go to the Submissions sections then select the Submissions tab.

In this example below we are about to award the Vendor called Cranberry Resorts by clicking on the corresponding Actions button and selecting Award:


You will see a Vendor Award window populate. Here you enter a reason and check off if you wish for the award notice to be public (viewable on the portal):

Note: In order to use this feature, you will also need to enable the Public Archives feature. Ask for help with enabling the feature.

With this feature enabled, you will see an additional tab on the Public Portal titled "Past Public Opportunities". Only public projects that are marked as completed will be visible here. All Private and/or Invite-Only projects will remain hidden from view.

Vendors can click into any project to check on the Award Notice. If an official Award Notice document was uploaded under Files -> Public (click here for more on that), the vendor would need to log in to download the document.


The Award Notice will appear near the bottom of the Project Details page:

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