How to add a Contract

Adding a contract is very simple! Click on the Add Contract button under the Contracts section.



Additionally, if you started the procurement in Bonfire's Evaluation module, you can create the contract from the project itself. To do this the project must be Marked as Completed. Go the Submissions section, along the row of the vendor with whom the contract is with, click Actions → Create Contract.



The Add Contract modal will popup. Fields that require entry will be marked with a red asterisk (*). All other fields are optional:



  • Contract: contract Name 
  • Department: dropdown populates departments that exist within your Organization within Bonfire
  • Start Date: of contract 
  • End Date: of contract
  • Value: currency value of the contract. The corresponding can be changed from the dropdown for currency.
  • Lead Time (days): how much lead time you need (in days) before the contract ends. 
  • Description: optional fields for adding more relevant details.
  • Notes: optional notes field.
  • Contract Type: select the contract type from the dropdown list (if applicable). These are defined by the Org Admin.
  • Proposal allows you to associate your contract to an existing project and the winning submission for easy access. Selecting a Project will generate a quick access link directly to the Project within Bonfire that is made available from the Contract details window.
  • Vendor: select an existing Vendor/Supplier or type a value to create a new one.
  • Currency: select the correct currency from the dropdown list. 
  • Auto-Renewable: label the contract as Auto-Renewable (this will behave similar to a tag which then becomes a searchable field).
  • Extendable: label the contract as Extendable (this will behave similar to a tag which then becomes a searchable field). You can define the extension periods once the contract is created.
  • Custom Contract Fields: these are custom Contract Fields created by you (in the sample screenshot there are 7 custom fields have been defined, highlighted by the red box)


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