Request to re-sign Declarations form (COI/NDA)

When an Evaluator declares a conflict of interest they will not be able to commence any scoring. This is what they will see under the Submissions:

The Project Manager will be notified of the conflict via email of the declared conflict. They will have the opportunity to view the nature of the conflict.

Navigate to the Declarations section of the project and expand it.

In the example below Raul Rayas has declared a conflict of interest. Click the Actions button then "View" to see the nature of the conflict as outlined by Raul.

The following screen provides more details regarding Raul's conflict.


At this point the Project Owner can send another request to re-sign assuming the conflict isn't deemed as a true conflict of interest. Alternatively they can choose to remove the evaluator from the project altogether.

The "Request to re-sign" option will be available for the Project Manager under the Actions button (pictured below)

If you request to re-sign you will get a confirmation popup. Please note this will delete the Conflict of Interest record (original declaration reason, timestamp etc...) and it cannot be undone.

The Evaluator will receive an email asking them to re-sign the declaration.

If you wish to keep the original declaration for auditing purposes, a workaround we suggest would be recording a video/taking a screenshot or creating a word document and uploading it as a Project File. The Project file will be timestamped automatically.

Do keep in mind if you upload something as a Project File other Evaluators will be able to see it as well.


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