How do I delete a Questionnaire?

In order to delete a Questionnaire it must:

  1. Not have any submissions uploaded against it
  2. Not be mapped as Requested Information 


Let's take a look at an example of a Project that has 2 different Questionnaires:


* Q-25GK - Mandatory Requirements is not currently Requested From Vendors (i.e. it has not been mapped as Requested Information). This particular Questionnaire CAN be deleted by clicking on the corresponding Actions button and selecting the Delete option from the dropdown.


* Q-49NU - Software Requirements is currently listed as Requested Information (indicated by the Green Yes under the Requested from Vendors column). For this reason, you will not be able to Delete it in its current state.

To delete this Questionnaire, you must first remove it as Requested Information.

If the Questionnaire has submissions associated with it already, you will not be able to delete the Questionnaire and will see the popup below:


If the Questionnaire does not have any submissions against it you can delete it from Requested Information.

To do this, navigate to the Requested Information section, expand it then click on the Manage button (as pictured below):


In the Requested Information modal scroll down to the Questionnaire. To delete the Questionnaire as a Requested Information, click on the corresponding trash bin icon as pictured below:


Once this is done, the Questionnaire will no longer be Required from Vendors. You now will be able to delete the Questionnaire by clicking on the Actions button, then highlighting the Delete option.


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