Bonfire scoring reasons

When inputting a score for a given criteria, the evaluator will always be required to select a predefined Reason for the score (in addition to typing in their personalized comments). 

Rated Scale Criteria score reasons

Low Score Reasons


Medium Score Reasons 


High Score Reasons


Note: If an organization is using a specific Rubric (say 0-5, instead of 0-10) Bonfire will automatically scale the scores and pair them accordingly with their respective score reason set (eg. a score of 2 out of 5 will populate the Low Score Reasons).



Rated Input Criteria scoring reasons

This works in the same fashion as Rated Scale Criteria above with the difference being that you are provided a textbox to enter your score into. The reason set will populate accordingly relative to the score entered.


 Pass/Fail Criteria scoring reasons


For an excel version of the above with selectable text, see the Scoring Reasons.xlsx embedded document listed at the bottom of this article.


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