Seeing Questionnaire Scores Side by Side

If you're running a project with a Questionnaire component you may find the need to see all of the recorded scores side-by-side. This is really helpful if you're running a consensus meeting or you simply want to compare the scores recorded by reviewers.

In order to see questionnaire scores side-by-side you first need to access the Scoring Summary section, and click on the vendor you wish to review the scores for.

On the Submission Scores page locate the Evaluation Group containing the Question Sets you'd like to review. In the example below we're going to review the scores recorded for "A-2 Integrations". To see the scores side-by-side click on the Average Score for the Question Set. You'll notice it'll highlight in green when you hover over it.

This will launch this view:

You now see all of the Evaluator's scores against each question. When you hover your mouse over any score you'll see the comment (if any) left by the evaluator against the question. You can also see the full text for the question and the vendor's response by hovering over the question number.

Note that the search bar on the top right will allow you to search through the text of all questions and response for that particular vendor. This will help you quickly filter down the questions / responses during a consensus meeting.

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