Info-only Questionnaires (add/remove criteria)

This article will show you how you to create Information-Only Questionnaires (ie. Questionnaires that do not require scoring).

Typically, when you create a Questionnaire and you map it to the Requested Information, Bonfire creates a Criteria Group reflecting the Questionnaire's Question Sets. To create an information-only Questionnaire you'll simply need to delete any Question Sets that don't need to be scored. 

Let's take a look at an example at how to make a typical Questionnaire into an Info-only Questionnaire. Navigate to the Criteria section and click on the Manage button:

Below we see the Manage Criteria modal. The criteria associated with the questionnaire for this particular project is indicated by the red box:

Let's say we no longer wanted to have this entire Questionnaire be scored (make it viewable as an Info-only Questionnaire). To do this you would click on the delete icon as indicated by the green arrow in the picture below. If you wish to only remove a specific Question Set (making that Question Set info-only) you would click on the corresponding delete icon for that set. In the example below the red arrow is pointing towards the icon to delete the question set for "Technical Infrastructure".


Whenever you delete a Questionnaire or a Question Set it will be placed into a dropdown at the bottom of the Manage Criteria modal where they can easily be re-added.

Below we are going to delete two Question Sets (red arrows) for Integrations and Technical Infrastructure by clicking on the delete icon.

As soon as we delete these question sets they are transferred to the Add Question Set to Questionnaire dropdown as shown below:

Let's add the Integrations Question Set back by clicking on it from the dropdown

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