How do I add a Reviewer or Advisor from outside my organization?

Note: the article below only applies if your organization has chosen to restrict invites based on the invitees (email) domain. If this restriction wasn't set up for your organization, then you can add anyone as an Evaluator/Advisor regardless of their domain.

By default, Bonfire only allows internal Reviewers and Advisors to be invited to a project (ie they belong to the organization). Having said that, Bonfire allows the flexibility to add any person from any organization to review or advise a project.

If you wish to add a person to your purchasing project from outside your organization, you must first add their email domain to the Approved Domains list. A domain is a technical term for what follows the @ symbol in an email address. For example, if a user has an email address then the domain is

Please note that only Organization Administrators have the ability to create a new Approved Domain. To add an Approved Domain navigate to the Manage tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the Approved Domains section.

Click on the Add Domain button and simply enter the domain you wish to add.

After the domain has been added you will be able to invite anyone from the added domain to advise or evaluate a project.


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