User Roles in Bonfire

Bonfire offers a variety of user roles to allow you to control which users have visibility and/or control over which aspects of the platform. 

In general, User Roles are broken up across all major platform components (Projects, Contract Management, Vendor Management, Insights). Each of the components comes with user roles designed specifically for the functionality of the component.

Furthermore, each Bonfire portal is composed of an Organization, which is then broken down to Departments. Departments are used in Bonfire to further segment users, and allows the organization more control over who has access over which projects, contracts, etc.

Certain user roles are scoped to the Organization - meaning they are Department agnostic. These roles span all Departments and enable visibility over all Departments. Other roles are Department specific, meaning a user belonging to a certain department will only have visibility/control in that department. Lastly, representing the narrowest scope, are project/contract scoped roles. These roles allow a user visibility/control only over the project/contract they were assigned to.

Types of Roles:

  1. Organization Wide Roles 
  2. Projects
  3. Contracts
  4. Vendors

1. Organization Wide Roles:

Organization Administrator
Organization Administrator is the highest user level. An ‘Org Admin’ can create users such as Agents, Project Managers, and Department Managers from the Manage tab. This user role also grants unrestricted access to all aspects of the platform (projects, contracts, vendors). Org Admins can also customize aspects of the account such as Vendor Registration Fields, Contract Fields, and other organization wide settings. If you wish to add, remove or edit user roles in your organization you may do so under the "Manage" heading.  (see How Do I Change User Role)

Insights - Organization Observer
An Insights Organization Observer is given access to the Insights module only.  Only an Organization Administrator has access to grant this role.


Vendors - Organization Observer
This role allows the user to view the  Vendor Management module across all departments.

Organization Member:

These roles can be added to a Project through the People section on the Project Details page.

An Organization Member can be invited to be a Reviewer (or evaluator) on projects. Reviewers are users that can only view and score projects that they have been explicitly invited to. They cannot view projects that they haven’t been invited to, view other people’s scores, or create new projects, or edit a project itself.

Project Observer
Please see role description under Projects (below).

Project Editor (Project Drafts Only)
Please see role description under Projects (below).

An Organization Member can also be an Advisor on a project. Advisors are users that can only view projects (and the accompanying proposals) that they have been invited to. They cannot score, edit, or otherwise do anything with the project; they are merely observers who can view project details, and can be given access to vendor submissions.

 2. Projects

These are projects are procurement projects which are created to acquire goods and services. Awarded vendors are derived from this process.

There are a few roles that reside under the Project component, with each role representing a different set of access rights.

Starting from top to bottom:

Projects - Department Manager 
Department Managers have unrestricted access to all projects and submissions in their department and can create projects and assign them to Project Managers, Agents or themselves. They can view and edit all projects in their departments. Managers can also see the progress of each project evaluation in their department. 

Projects - Department Project Manager
This role allows the user to create projects, manage projects owned by them, and read-only access to all projects in the department.

Projects - Department Project Agent
This role allows the user to manage all attributes of a project once a project is assigned to them

Projects - Department Observer 
This role allows the user unrestricted read-only access to any project within a department.

Project Observer
A Project Observer can view all aspects of a Project Draft or a Published Project including all the scores. Observers cannot make any changes to the project. Project Observer is a read-only role.

Project Editor (Project Drafts Only)
A Project Editor can see and edit a Project Draft. They will have the same viewing and editing access as the Project Owner. Project Editors lose access to a project once it has been published. Project Editors do not have the ability to publish a project.

3. Contracts

In addition to our Evaluations Module, you may also be subscribed to our Contracts Management Module. In the event that the Contracts module is enabled, you will see a new heading titled “Contracts” across the top heading. (see Contracts Management)

Contracts Management entails its own user roles.

Contracts - Department Manager
This role allows the user to create, view and edit contracts within the department this role has been granted to them

Contracts - Department Contract Manager
This role allows the user to create and view contracts within the department this role has been granted to them

Contracts - Department Observer
This role allows the user to view contracts within their department.

4. Vendors

Our Vendor Management module is included in both our Evaluations and Contracts Management subscriptions.

As with the other modules, Vendor Management also has its own set of User Roles.

Vendors - Department Manager
This role also grants a user access to the Vendor Management module, including access to all vendor profiles. This role also allows the user to create, view and edit Vendor Lists within a department

Vendors - Organization Manager
This role also grants a user access to the Vendor Management module, incuding access to all vendor profiles. This role allows the user to create, view and edit vendor lists within any department. They may also merge internal vendors and create commodity codes for internal vendors.


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