Why is the Questionnaire protected?

A Questionnaire in Bonfire is set up with two response columns, Response and Response Comment:

The purpose of the Response column is to allow the Buyer to provide a drop down menu from which you would select the best answer. The Response Comment column is where you would provide more detail or an explanation; a text based answer you would type in, in other words:

You may see some questions where there is a hyphen or dash in the Response column:

This indicates there is no response required in that column, and you only need to provide a text based answer in the Response Comment column.

Note the adjacent cell changes from pink to green to indicate a particular question has been completed.

If you try to type your answer over the dash, you'll see a popup like the screenshot below:

If you try to unprotect the cell, you'll be prompted to enter a password. This is to protect the correct formatting of the Questionnaire; in order to type your answer, simply move to the correct cell (Response Comment). 

It is important that you complete the Questionnaire as it's formatted, otherwise, you will not be able to upload it to the Bonfire Portal. 


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