Questionnaire Fields Definitions

When creating a questionnaire, especially for the first time, you may choose to use our downloadable bulk import template. This is optional depending on the layout of your current spreadsheet. (See Setting Up Questionnaires)

When bulk importing data for a questionnaire, source spreadsheet must include at least 3 columns (Question Set, Question Subset, and Question). Question Set and Question are mandatory columns which must contain values. Question Subset can be left blank if they are not applicable but the column must still be copied and pasted in. 

Below is some guidance in respect to the columns in our Bulk Import Template:


Question Set
You may choose to just have one question set or break down your questionnaires into different sets. Think of them as categories for your questions. There must be at least one question set.  

Each Question set in a Questionnaire can be mapped to different Evaluation Groups.  


You can further break down the questions in a Question Set into Subsets. Subsets are not eligible to be mapped to different Evaluation Groups

Enter the query to be proposed to the Vendor. 

Descriptions are only visible internally. Vendors will not see them on the downloaded Vendor Response Template. Reviewers will be able to access question descriptions during the evaluation stage. You may choose to use the description to guide Reviewers on scoring, provide them with a rubric or refer them to a separate document. 


You can assign a points value for each question. The Rated Scale is dictated in the Criteria section of the Project Detail page. If the question is Info-Only and will not be scored, you can enter 0 pts in the import template.  


If in the Add or Edit Question pop-up modol, you can simply click on the Set as Info Only option. 


Vendor Response Options
You can optionally provide a list of pre-defined responses that the vendor must choose from when answering this question. Example: 'Fully-Compliant, Partially Compliant, Non-Compliant, N/A. These are especially helpful to include in the event you are using the Auto-Score Questionnaires function. (See Auto-Scoring Questionnaires)

Response Option Score Percentages (aka pre-defined auto-scoring percentages)
By default, when you enable Reviewers the ability to auto score questionnaire responses, each reviewer will be required to define the percentages for each Vendor Response Option.

If you have not provided Reviewers with a rubric to follow, this percentage may be subjective. Where one vendor may give a Yes response 100% and a No 50%, another may give all No responses a 5%. You are able to pre-define the auto-scoring percentages so that when a Reviewer uses the auto-score function, the results will be consistent between all reviewers. 

Please note that this does not auto-score your questionnaire when it comes to the Evaluation stage. Reviewers will still need to come in and select the Auto-score function.

Vendors will not see these percentages.

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