Creating a project in Bonfire (Article)

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Creating a base project in Bonfire can be done in just a few minutes. This guide will help get you started!

After logging in, click the Add Project button which will launch the Project Creation Wizard.


This wizard will guide you through 5 steps to create a project.

NOTE: If you don't have certain information ready (e.g., Criteria or Evaluation Groups), you can just bypass the steps and click Next.

All aspects of your project are editable after you complete the wizard and the project has been saved.

Project Creation Wizard Steps

  1. Project Details
  2. Evaluation Groups
  3. Documents (Requested Information)
  4. Criteria
  5. Reviewers

Throughout Bonfire you may see keywords with a series of small blue dots under them called Bonfire Tooltips. Here is an example of one:


If you hover your mouse over a tooltip, a popup will appear providing more details for the word in question (see Bonfire Tooltips).

Let's move along to the first step of the Project Creation Wizard...

1. Project Details

The Project Details page you see may appear slightly different than the one pictured below based on which features/modules you have enabled with Bonfire.

On this screen you're essentially filling out general details and defining important dates for your project: 



2. Evaluation Groups

Evaluation groups can be thought of as a way to run a multi-stage (multi-envelope) evaluation. Each group contains Reviewers, Criteria, and Documents (see Evaluation Groups).

The Reviewers that are a part of a given group can only access Documents and score Criteria within that group.

On the Manage Evaluation Groups screen below, you are strictly adding the group names/labels:



3. Documents (Requested Information)

Requested Information allows you to setup how you want your vendors to structure their submission (see Requested Information):


Adding Requested Data Fields to a project allows the vendor to enter specific information as part of their submission (see Requested Data).


4. Criteria

In this step you create the Criteria that will be used to evaluate the submissions that have come in from your vendors. More on Criteria here:



5. Reviewers

Reviewers can be added via the dropdown list OR you can type an email and then press Enter to invite a new User. From here you can also assign the Reviewer to the appropriate Evaluation group.

As soon as you click Add Reviewer, they will receive an invitation email outlining the name of the project and providing them with a link to our 3-minute training video for Reviewers.


Once you've completed the 5-step Creation Wizard, the Submission Instructions will pop up (see Submission Instructions).


You can choose to hide this window at this time if you'd like since you can always access the Submission Instructions later (see How can I download the Submission Instructions).

Now that you're project has been created, it will appear on the Project Dashboard under the Active Projects section:


You can select your project and edit modify and manage ANY aspect of it (including everything you just setup in the wizard):


That's all there is to creating a project in Bonfire! 

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